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Vitality C Powder 6.5 grams 20 Packets by American Nutriceuticals


Vitality C Powder 6.5 grams 20 Packets

Vitality C is a fully reacted, non-acidic, neutral pH Vitamin C powder that is completely water soluble. This unique formula allows the body to receive high doses of Vitamin C without the gas, diarrhea, or stomach upset that usually comes with chelation strength dosing of Vitamin C.

Vitality C is enhanced with 2000 mg of GMS-Ribose which is a patented, propriety blend that has been shown to enhance the uptake of Vitamin C to the cells. GMS-Ribose was then developed and added for additional methylation enhancement and cellular uptake. Vitality C differs from regular ascorbic acid Vitamin C or other buffered products in that it has an attached sodium molecule (not the sodium chloride which is table salt) to help with enhanced cell entry.

One packet of Vitality C equals one slightly heaping teaspoon and provides 4 grams of Vitamin C and 2 grams of GMS-Ribose. It can be easily mixed with any liquid and safe for all ages.

Serving Size: 1 packet
Servings per container: 1

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbate C crystals with FASM) 4000 mg
GMS-Ribose 2000 mg

Suggested Use: One packet up to four times daily dissolved in water or juice, as directed by your health care professional. Each serving contains 4 grams (4,000 mg) of the most bio-available Vitamin C.

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