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Testo Quench For Men 120 vegetarian capsules by Douglas Laboratories


Testo Quench For Men 120 vegetarian capsules

A number of plants and herbs offer properties that balance hormones within the body or properties that mimic the functions of natural hormones. These plants are generally called phytoantiandrogens. These plants have the ability to help to support and restore hormonal balance within the body. Male and female hormones are naturally different and there are therefore different herbs that benefit men versus women.

The Testo Quench For Men supplement by Douglas Laboratories is a scientifically formulated blend of phytoantiandrogens designed to help restore and maintain healthy hormonal balance within men. It contains Saw Palmetto berry extract, Pygeum africanum, Piper cubeba, Stinging Nettle leaf extract, Holy Basil, and Magnolia officinalis bark extract to help support optimal male health.

You can use Testo Quench For Men to support and promote healthy blood lipid levels, to promote optimal immune function, to support and promote heart, brain, and prostate function, and to help support tissues that are sensitive to testosterone.