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Tamanu Arnica 75 ml by GUNA Biotherapeutics


Tamanu Arnica 75 ml

The use of herbals and botanicals for supporting and promoting skin health is as old as humanity itself. There are thousands of herbs and plants that offer benefits in terms of supporting skin health and relieving some skin conditions.

Tamanu is a plant native to Polynesia and Tamanu offers various benefits in terms of skin health. Tamanu offers anti-inflammatory properties, it is antimicrobial in nature, and it offers some benefits in terms of healing the skin. Arnica Montana has been used for hundreds of years for its ability to support and promote skin health. Calendula also has a long history of use for supporting skin healing and skin health.

The GUNA-Tamanu Arnica cream by GUNA Biotherapeutics combines Tamanu, Arnica, and calendula with other beneficial botanicals to create a soothing herbal cream for supporting overall skin health.