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Sugar Digest Formula 21 90 Capsules by Ness Enzymes


Sugar Digest Formula 21 90 Capsules

NESS™ Sugar Digest (formula 21) contains a full-spectrum blend of digestive enzymes to help break down all food components such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates. This formula contains higher levels of enzymes like amylase, invertase and diastase to specifically help break down the starches and sugars found in carbohydrates. Tailor made for those who eat a diet high in sugars or starches or are intolerant of these foods.

High-sugar or high-starch diet, sugar or starch intolerance (including lactose intolerance).

Suggested Use:
Two capsules with each meal or snack, or more may be taken according to need. Take with adequate liquid.

Serving Size Two Capsules

Amount per two capsules:% Daily Value
Proprietary Vegetarian Enzyme Blend184 mg *
(Protease, 40,000 HUT; Amylase, 4,000 DU; Diastase, 540 DP; Invertase, 200 SU (0.4 IAU); Lipase, 72 LU; Cellulase, 400 CU; Lactase, 900 ALU)
*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: plant fiber, gelatin, water.

Contains no aspartame, sucrose, sorbitol, salt, artificial colors or flavors, wheat, soy, yeast or corn proteins.

Consult your health care

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