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RevitalAge Ultra 90 capsules by Pure Encapsulations


RevitalAge Ultra 90 capsules

Your ability to feel young is linked to your overall health and wellbeing, your energy levels, and to a feeling of optimal health. A number of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients can help to promote and support these factors to help you feel younger and more energetic.

CoQ10 is one of the most abundant nutrients in the body and it plays a vital role in supporting energy production. Acetyl-l-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, and resveratrol also all play vital roles in your ability to promote and support energy and they promote and support optimal mitochondrial health. These nutrients also support cardiovascular health.

The RevitalAge Ultra supplement from Pure Encapsulations offers you a comprehensive combination of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients designed to support energy, improve feelings of youth, and to promote and support optimal health and longevity.

Suggested Use:
Take 3 capsules daily,with meals.

Amount Per Serving
Three capsules contain :
Biotin•À_2 mg.
Acetyl-l-carnitine HCl•À_1,000 mg.
Alpha lipoic acid (thioctic acid)•À_400 mg.
ResVidaå¨ resveratrol (as trans-resveratrol)30 mg.
CoQ10 (from MicroActiveå¨ Q10-cyclodextrin complex)30 mg.
PTeroPure䋢 pterostilbene5 mg.
PhytoLongevity proprietary blend200 mg.
Providing cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) extract (fruit), wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) extract (fruit)

If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product. Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine have been associated with gastrointestinal upset or skin rash in sensitive individuals.