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Red Clover Combination Powder 16 oz by Christopher's Original Formulas


Red Clover Combination Powder 16 oz

This formula helps promote a healthy and clean blood stream. The blood stream is life itself, and it is important to keep it as clean and pure as possible so that as nutrients are efficiently delivered to the body, waste products are picked up and taken out for elimination.

Directions: Varies according to individual need. Bulk Formulas can be prepared for Extracts Capsules Decoctions Balsams Plasters Fomentations & many other uses. We encourage you to research information on the formula & preparation that works best for you. While we cannot cover every herbal preparation below is a few common methods.

Supplement Facts:

Proprietary Blend / *
Red Clover Blossoms Chaparral Leaf Licorice Root Poke Root Peach Leaf Oregon Grape Root Stillingia Cascara Sagrada Bark Sarsaparilla Root Prickley Ash Bark Burdock Root & Buckthorn Bark.

* Daily Value not established.

No added Fillers or Chemicals.

Warnings: Contains Comfrey.
For external use only.
Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
Store in a cool dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.