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Raspenol 2 fl Oz by North American Herb & Spice


Raspenol 2 fl Oz

Raspenol is an exotic extract, this is made from wild, raw, red raspberries growing in the most remote regions of the world. Immediately after picking, the berry essence is cold-pressed. The only raw, wild, red raspberry extract available, it is a potent source of wild ellagic acid, the powers of which are well publicized. Because it is raw all the powers of the ellagic acid and the enzymes are intact. The benefits of red raspberry, especially for females, are legendary, including healthy support of the digestive system, female reproductive system. Take as drops, or for refreshment add 20 drops to a bottle of spring water. A great, healthy addition to children' diets.

Suggested Use:
Take 20 or more drops of this potent extract under the tongue twice daily. For maintenance take at least 10 drops daily. Also add to water, juice, or milk.

Serving Size: 20 drops
Servings Per Container: 88
% Daily Value
Wild, raw forest red raspberry extract *
Allspice essence *
Clove essence *
Cinnamon essence *
*Daily Value not established.

Consult a healthcare professional before use.