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PRO Pets Inflammation Fever Infection 1 fl oz by Newton Homeopathics


PRO Pets Inflammation Fever Infection 1 fl oz

Formulated for symptoms associated with abscesses, ulcerations, cellulitis, sepsis, fever and other inflammatory and infectious processes.

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Inflammation Fever Infection may be administered for the following conditions:
Aconitum napellus: Acute, sudden and violent illness with high fever; Urethritis; Otitis media; Nephritis; Myelitis; Laryngitis; Glossitis; Enteritis; Cystitis; Anxiety, fright and shock.
Aloe socotrina: Affects abdominal veins, causing congestion, relation in rectum, liver, colon and pelvis; Dysentery; Procitis; Internal heat; Chills.
Anthracinum: Valuable remedy in malignant or septic inflammation of connective or cellular tissue; Succession of boils; Intolerable burning.
Apis mellifica: Excessive swelling, burning and stinging; Allergic reactions; Meningitis; Laryngitis; Synovitis; Redness; Great inclination to sleep.
Arnica montana: Sore, lame, bruised feeling; Injuries; Trauma and its effects, recent or remote; Surgical operation.
Arsenicum album: Anxiety, exhaustion, restlessness; Food poisoning; Glandular swellings; Liver and spleen enlarged and painful; Burning and itching.
Baptisia tinctoria: Foul odor; Gastric influenza; Septic fever; High fever, sudden onset; Can swallow liquids only.
Belladonna: Fullness, congestion especially to head and swelling; Abscesses; Boils; Glands swollen, tender, red; Burning heat, bright redness and dryness.
Bryonia: Mucous membranes are all dry; Disordered circulation, producing congestion, giving rise to typhoid, bilious, rheumatic and remittent types of fever; Aggravation from motion, movement; Irritability; Thirst for large quantity of cold water.
Cantharis: Inflammations are violently acute or rapidly destructive in the mucous and serous membranes; Intolerable, constant urging to urinate; Great difficulty swallowing liquids.
Chelidonium majus: Liver remedy; Liver disorders; Serous effusions.
Crotalus horridus: Septic conditions; Lymphangitis and septicemia; Boils, carbuncles and eruptions are surrounded by purplish mottled skin and edema; Edema about the affected part.
Echinacea: Lymphangitis; Abscess; Blood poisoning; Fevers; Poisoned wounds; Vaccinations effects; Chilliness with nausea.
Ferrum phosphoricum: First stages of all inflamatory disorders; All catarrhal and inflammatory fevers; Fevers of unknown origin; Vomiting undigested food; Great prostration; Inflammation, induration and enlargement of blood vessels.
Gaultheria procumbens: Inflammatory arthritis, rheumatism, pleurodynia, and other neuralgias; Prolongued vomiting; Intense erythema.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum: Abscess; Ear infections; Glandular swellings; Skin disorders; Tendency to suppurate (discharge/pus).
Iodium: Acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation; Great debility, the slightest effort induces perspiration; Flushes of heat all over the body, heat waves and rushes of blood to the head.
Lachesis mutus: Malignant and septic states; Inflammation of tissues; Senile erysipelas (streptococcus bacterial skin infection); Carbuncles, ulcers with bluish purple surroundings.
Nux vomica: Biliousness; Irritable nervous system; Body burning hot, but chilly must be covered.
Phosphorus: Irritatation, inflammation and degenration of mucous membranes; Wounds bleed very much, even if small they heal then break out again; Gastric fevers.
Pulsatilla: Changing shifting symptoms; Mucous discharges are profuse, bland, thick, yellowish green; Chilly, yet adverse to heat in warm stuffy rooms, better in open air; Gout.
Pyrogenium: Septic states with intense restlessness; Horribly offensive discharges; Septic cuts, bites and wound; High fevers with sore limbs and dilirium.
Rhus toxicodendron: Typhoid-like fevers; Extreme restlessness with continued change of position; Pustular inflammations; Swollen glands; Influenza fever, restless, stiff and sore.
Veratrum viride: Sudden effects; Violent congestive conditions; Suppurative fevers with great variation of temperature.
Verbascum thapsus: Catarrhs and colds with periodical prosopalgia (facial neuralgia); Marked effect on the nerves especially the inferior maxillary branch of fifth nerve, ears, repiratory tract and bladder and left side.

Suggested Use:
Pets, under 50 lbs., give 3 drops orally (50 to 500 lbs. - 6 drops, over 500 lbs. - 1/2 teaspoon) as needed or as directed by a healthcare professional. Place in mouth or purified water.

Ingredients: Anthracinum 35x, Pyrogenium 35x, Aconitum nap. 20x, Aloe 20x, Apis mel. 20x, Arnica 20x, Arsenicum alb. 20x, Baptisia 20x, Belladonna 20x, Bryonia 20x, Cantharis 20x, Chelidonium majus 20x, Crotalus horridus 20x, Ferrum phosphoricum 20x, Gaultheria procumbens 20x, Hepar sulph. calc. 20x, Iodium 20x, Lachesis 20x, Nux vom. 20x, Phosphorus 20x, Pulsatilla 20x, Rhus toxicodendron 20x, Veratrum viride 20x, Verbascum 20x, Apis mel. 8x, Echinacea 8x, Apis mel. 3x, Echinacea 3x.
Liquid Inactive ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane dispensing alcohol 20%.

Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.