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Pets Cough~Airway 1 fl oz by Newton Homeopathics


Pets Cough~Airway 1 fl oz

Formulated for symptoms associated with respiratory conditions such as coughing, wheezing, congestion and labored breathing.

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Cough Asthma may be administered for the following conditions:
Antimonium tartaricum: Asthma; Coughing and gasping; Great rattling of mucus but very little is expectorated; Rapid, short, difficult breathing.
Bryonia: Asthma; Mucous membranes are all dry; Warm room excites cough.
Chelidonium majus: Chest disorders; Spasmodic cough loose, rattling, expectoration difficult.
Cinchona officinalis: Asthma; Irritable, sensitive and very touchy; Drenching sweats at night.
Drosera: Coughs; Spasmotic cough resembling whooping cough; Coughs and chokes.
Echinacea: Acute auto-infection, septic conditions.
Eucalyptus globulus: Asthma; Asthma with great dyspnea (difficulty breathing) and palpitations.
Histaminum hydrochloricum: Asthma; Whooping cough; Coughing fits which almost choke, prevents speech.
Hydrastis canadensis: Profuse secretion of tears; Thick mucous discharge.
Influenzinum: Fever; Dryness of the mucous membranes; Quivering and cramping contracture of the muscles.
Kali bichromicum: Asthma; Profuse, yellow expectoration, very glutinous and sticky.
Kali carbonicum: Asthma; Cough; Lung disorders; Wheezing in chest; Incesant, hard, choking, futile cough, then vomiting.
Kali iodatum: Coughs; Glandular swellings; Whistling asthmatic breathing; Asthma.
Lappa major: Short of breath on exertion.
Myrrha: Difficult respiration; Respiratory weakness with difficult expectoration.
Natrum sulphuricum: Asthma; Rattling in chest; Shortness of breath, especially when walking.
Nux vomica: Asthma; Coughs; Shallow and oppressed breathing.
Phosphorus: Coughs; Body trembles with cough; Hard, dry, hacking cough; Asthma after cough.
Pulsatilla: Shortness of breath (dyspnea); Respiration accelerated, short and superficial (during fever) or rattling and anxious.
Rumex crispus: Cough; Copious mucous discharge from nose and trachea; Dry teasing cough, preventing sleep.
Sambucus nigra: Thick, yellow, acrid, ropy discharge; Ear disorders.
Spongia tosta: Anxiety and difficulty breathing; Wheezing respiration; Dry barking, croupy cough.
Tussilago farfara: Coughs.
Verbascum thapsus: Cough worse at night; Asthma.

Suggested Use:
Pets, under 50 lbs., give 3 drops orally (50 to 500 lbs. - 6 drops, over 500 lbs. - 1/2 teaspoon) as needed or as directed by a healthcare professional. Place in mouth or purified water.

Active Ingredients: Influenzinum 30x, Antimonium tartaricum 15x, Arsenicum album 15x, Bryonia 15x, Chelidonium majus 15x, Cinchona officinalis 15x, Drosera 15x, Eucalyptus globulus 15x, Histaminum hydrochloricum 15x, Hydrastis canadensis 15x, Kali bichromicum 15x, Kali carbonicum 15x, Kali iodatum 15x, Myrrha 15x, Natrum sulphuricum 15x, Nux vomica 15x, Phosphorus 15x, Pulsatilla 15x, Rumex crispus 15x, Sambucus nigra 15x, Spongia tosta 15x, Tussilago farfara 15x, Verbascum thapsus 15x, Echinacea 3x, Lappa major 3x.

Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane dispensing alcohol 20%.

Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.