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Organic Black Walnut Hulls Powder 1 lb by Starwest Botanicals


Organic Black Walnut Hulls Powder 1 lb

Black Walnut Hulls are an example of the diverse selection of herbal products offered from Starwest Botanicals. With one of the best selections of bulk herbs for sale on the Internet, the fact is that not all our products are actually "herbs" in the scientific sense. Our quality bulk "herbs" include roots, tree bark, dried flowers, and seeds, of which Black Walnut Hull is included.

You may have eaten ground walnut in desserts or in savory dishes such as pesto (it is a common and less expensive substitute for pine nuts), but it is actually the seed of the Juglans nigra - a northern hardwood tree that grows to as much as 100 feet in height.

The black walnut is covered with a green pulp until autumn, when it falls to the ground and turns black. Black Walnut Hull is the shell, or coating of the nut inside. It has long been important in Russian folk medicine as well as that of India and Pakistan, where it is known as akhort.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a tincture or extract of Black Walnut Hull was sometimes used to treat syphilis, but was not effective (though perhaps preferable to the alternative of the day, which was toxic mercury!).

Dried Juglans nigra may be taken in a capsule or used to create a tincture or liquid extract; however the taste is quite bitter.

Starwest Botanical's reputation is your assurance of the best quality bulk herbs. When you buy bulk organic herbs, you save money as well as the planet, because you're supporting sustainable agriculture and avoiding the use of excess packaging. We are proud to offer only the best organic herbs.

Please be aware that simply because something is a natural herb does not mean there are no risks. Many dried herbs used medicinally can have side effects and interactions; please consult with a qualified naturopathic doctor and contact us if you have questions.

Botanical Name: Juglans nigra

Common Names: American Walnut

Daily Serving Size: 1/2 tsp (1g)
Warnings: Prolonged use is not advised due to the presence of significant quantities of juglone, a known mutagen in animals. May contain walnuts.
California Proposition 65 Statement: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.