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Oreganol P73 Cream 2 fl oz by North American Herb & Spice


Oreganol P73 Cream 2 fl oz

Oreganol P73 moisturizing cream is a powerful, rejuvenating formula for the health of the skin, especially on the hands, face, and arms. Enriched with the powers of wild propolis, wild essential oils, wild Canadian balsam, and wild honey, it is ideal for all skin types, Oreganol cream is made with the highest-ranked antioxidants in the world. One of its secret ingredients is wild hypericum (St. John' wort), which is well for its skin healing powers. Plus, Oreganol P73 cream is the only completely natural skin health cream made from wild, high-mountain grown spice oils, which are potent antioxidants for the skin. So natural it is edible. For best results use daily.

Suggested Use:
For best results use daily.

Serving Size: *
Servings Per Container: *
% Daily Value
Purified water *
Canadian wildflower honey *
Propolis *
Royal jelly *
St. Johns wort oil *
wild oil of oregano P73 *
wild lavender oil *
wild myrtle oil *
extra virgin olive oil *
Pure essence of Canadian balsam *
*Daily Value not established.

Consult a healthcare professional before use.