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Omega Pet Dog Oil Blend 32 fl oz by Omega Nutrition


Omega Pet Dog Oil Blend 32 fl oz

Does your dog have:

  • A dull coat or scaly skin?
  • Hot spots or allergies?
  • Weight Management issues?

The OmegaPet™ products were developed because standard processing procedures render many of the nutrients rancid and lifeless in most animal foods. With the right nutritional balance, animals feel satisfied and resist the need to consume unnecessary calories. These products are a fresh unrefined source of essential nutrients for your dog - now with lignans!

OmegaPet's™ Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Supplement for Dogs is a liquid EFA supplement that helps keep dogs fit and healthy.

Lignans are phytochemicals found naturally in flax seeds and foods high in dietary fiber. Lignans demonstrate a broad spectrum of biological activities for adult dogs.

The OmegaPet™ family of products contains a unique blend of human grade oils, and features Essential Fatty Acids (omega-3 & omega-6), omega-9 fatty acids, lignans, and vitamins A, D, E.

Make your dogs happy with the superior nutrition and convenience of Omega Nutrition's new EFA Oil Supplement for Dogs.

Ingredients: Organic flax seed oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, organic sunflower oil, cod liver oil (source of vitamins A and D), organic sesame oil, rosemary extract.

Our exclusive omegaflo® packaging process protects all vital nutrients in OmegaPet™ from the harmful effects of heat, light and oxygen.

Benefits OmegaPet™ Oil:

  • Provides polyunsaturated fats and fiber.
  • Supplies vitamins A and D, which are required for calcium and phosphorus absorption in order to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

How to Use Instructions:

  • Simply add 1 teaspoon per 22 lbs. of body weight of OmegaPet™ Dog Oil to your dog's normal daily meal.