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Mist Cool Hottie 2oz by Aura Cacia


Aura Cacia Mist Cool Hottie 2oz

Essential oil mists for your everyday needs. Use freely in your space or on your body. Formulated for your benefit!

Cool down and take the edge off an agitated state with this balancing blend of calming lavender and cooling peppermint. A quick boost and you’ll be back to being balanced in no time!
Tested & Verified For Purity - Each essential oil goes through GC/MS testing to ensure quality. 100% purity guaranteed!
Reusable Bottle - Refill with Essential Solutions™ 0.5 oz concentrated blends.
No Synthetic Ingredients - Each mist contains unique blends of 100% pure essential oils.
Not Tested On Animals
Approved TSA Travel Size The 2 oz. bottle makes these mists portable and perfect for travel.