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Mega Stress 120 tablets by Priority One


Mega Stress 120 tablets

Your body is designed to ensure your safety and survival on a short and long-term basis. It is built to ensure that when you are threatened, it provides functions that are aimed at survival. While these processes served us well in the jungle when risk meant a life-threatening condition like being chased by a lion, these functions have not adapted to the way we live today. In a modern world where we are more and more stressed, stress can severely impact your overall health and wellbeing.

Stress depletes the body of various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support and protect the body. It is therefore important to ensure you increase your intake of certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients during times of prolonged stress.

The Mega Stress supplement by Priority One offers you a comprehensive combination of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required to support the body during times of prolonged anxiety and stress.

Suggested Use:
Adults take one to three (1 to 3) tablets daily as a dietary supplement; may increase dosage to two to three (2 to 3) times daily during periods of high stress, or as directed by your physician.

Amount Per Serving

Vitamin B-1 100mg / 6667% DV
(Thiamine HCL)
Vitamin B-2 100mg / 5882% DV
Vitamin B-6 100mg / 5000% DV
(Pyridoxine HCI)
Vitamin B-12 500mcg / 8333% DV
Vitamin C 500mg / 833% DV
(Ascorbic acid & rose hips)
Niacinamide 100mg / 500% DV
Vitamin B-5 500mg / 5000% DV
(Pantothenic Acid)
Folic Acid 400mcg / 133% DV
Chromium (Picolinate) 200mcg / 166% DV
Zinc (Picolinate) 80mg / 533% DV
A Proprietary Blend of:Adrenal Concentrate, Biotin, Choline (Bitartrate), Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA), Inositol, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Licorice Root, Ginseng (Korean Panax) 1440mg**

** No US Daily Value established

Contains: D-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Microcrystalline, Cellulose FFC, Silicon Dioxide

Contains licorice root which should not be ingested by pregnant women. This product contains adrenal hormones.