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Laurininsin Towelette 120 Wipes by Ecological Formulas


Laurininsin Towelette 120 Wipes by Ecological Formulas

The simple act of washing hands transformed modern medicine. The transmission of infections, viruses, and bacteria is profoundly affected by washing your hands and sanitizing the skin.

Monolaurin is a compound found naturally in coconut oil. This compound offers antimicrobial properties. Monolaurin may be helpful for removing and eliminating viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Nisin is another natural antimicrobial compound. Nisin may protect against gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, and certain types of molds.

The Laurininsin Towelette Wipes by Ecological Formulas contain monolaurin and nisin to provide you with a simple way to sanitize your hands and skin to remove potential pathogens naturally.