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L-Carnitine Powder 60 grams by Ecological Formulas


L-Carnitine Powder 60 grams by Ecological Formulas

Carnitine is a supplemental compound that is often used by medical practitioners to help support individuals suffering from various conditions, including angina and other heart conditions. The heart relies on the body�s ability to produce energy and carnitine plays a vital role in supporting the body�s ability to make energy from fats. Carnitine also plays an important role as an antioxidant and provides vital protection against the potential damage that free radicals can cause in the body. Although the body can produce carnitine, certain conditions and other factors like medication can reduce the amount of carnitine the body can make. In these cases a carnitine supplement can be helpful in maintaining healthy levels of carnitine.

The L-Carnitine Powder by Ecological Formulas provides carnitine for supplemental purposes.


L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 1 g

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