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Joint & Muscle Support 60 Capsules by Blue Sky Herbal


Joint & Muscle Support 60 Capsules

A sure remedy for rheumatism, sprains and muscle-skeletal pain. Long term therapy does not cause any side effects, when taken with other medications. Joint & Muscle Support neutralizes the Acid and Alkaline influence, the causative factor of pain or swelling. Time tested herbs of choice are combined together with scintillating results to relieve stiffness in Joint and supporting tissues. Joint & Muscle support brings the nerves and muscles into a positive sense of well being. It corrects digestive disorders, cleans gastro intestinal tract from toxic matters & undigested food, and removes flatulence. Relieves stiffness, pain and inflammation in the muscles & joints and helps to restore movement.

A powerful herbal supplement for healthy joints.
A complete bone & joint support formula.
Promotes healthy joint function.
Helps to relieve stiffness in joints.
Helps support connective tissues.
Helps alleviate discomfort caused by impaired joint mobility.
Helps support healthy bones & joints.

Directions: Two capsules twice daily after food.

Ingredients: Hinguleswar Rasa 100 mg, Mahayogaraj Guggul 100 mg, Nux Vomica 50 mg, Rasna 100 mg, Phylinthus Amblicas 50 mg, Terminalia Belarica 50 mg, Terminalia Chebule 50 mg.

This supplement can be taken by both men & women.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Consult with a doctor before using this product.