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Incense Vanilla Nag Champa 10 Gram by Blue Pearl


Incense Vanilla Nag Champa 10 Gram

Blue Pearl Vanilla Nag Champa is for those who enjoy a bit of classic natural vanilla added to the immensely popular Nag Champa. This superbly sweet combination invigorates the mind and warms the soul.

Directions: Light end and then blow out until tip burns red. Set in incense holder and let burn.

Ingredients: Vanilla Nag Champa 10 gm : A Perfect Blend From Natural Vanilla Nag Champa Resin. Made In India From Pure Oils And Sandalwood Base.

Warnings: Place lighted stick into holder. Be sure ashes fall on a fire-proof surface. Keep away from flammables - don't leave unattended. Keep away from children. Not for human consumption.