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Incense Cedarwood 20 Gram by Blue Pearl


Incense Cedarwood 20 Gram

The Origin of the Blue Pearl

There is a tradition from the East which speaks of a tiny, blue light - a powerful light hidden deep within the soul of every human being. According to the tradition, this scintillating light is the very key to life itself. In the modern meditation classic, Play of Consciousness, it is called the 'blue pearl'. This book tells how one can explore different universes of sound, light and fragrance with the blue pearl. In the same way, we hope you will be transported by Blue Pearl Incense. May these legendary fragrances fill your spirit, now and always.

Directions: Light end and then blow out until tip burns red. Set in incense holder and let burn.

Ingredients: Cedarwood 20 gm : A Perfect Blend From Natural Cedarwood Resin. Made In India From Pure Oils And Sandalwood Base.

Warnings: Place lighted stick into holder. Be sure ashes fall on a fire-proof surface. Keep away from flammables - don't leave unattended. Keep away from children. Not for human consumption.