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Healing Cream Topical Cream 14 Gram by Homeopet


Healing Cream Topical Cream 14 Gram

HP Healing Cream is non-steroidal, anti-infective ointment for use with animals. It can be used to ease pain, promote rapid healing in wounds, cuts, bites, burns and help to reduce swelling. Is particularly useful with non responsive wounds.

Directions: All species dogs, cats, rabbits birds, etc., except fish. Apply to affected area once to three times daily covering entire affected area. Once a response is seen, the administration should either be reduced or ceased, only reapplying should symptoms reappear.

Ingredients: Active: Acon., Arn., Bell., Bell-p., Bry., Calen., Cham., Echi a., Echi-p., Ham., Hyper., Led., Mill., Ruta., Rhus-t., Stel., Symph., Thuj. 3x Sil., Hepar Sulph. 4x, Sulph. 5x, Ars-i., Graph., Lachesis 8x, Merc-s. 9x, Phyt. 6c (3.33%).

Non-Active: Lanolin, Petroleum & Mineral Oil.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Contact Veterinarian if problems persist.