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Heal Female Reproductive 2 oz by Christopher's Original Formulas

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Heal Female Reproductive 2 oz

Dr. Christopher's Female Reproductive Capsule, also known as Nu-Fem, Fem-Mend, is a unique herbal formula specifically designed to support the overall well-being of a woman. It contains special herbal extracts full of vitamins, minerals and other essential substances that may help women stay in a great shape and feel young regardless of their age. The formula may help optimize the balance of sex hormones, promote timely ovulation, and reduce the risk of inflammatory processes in the organs of the female reproductive system.

Female Reproductive Capsule has been used historically to improve the functional state of the female reproductive system, reduce the risk of inflammatory processes, improve the hormonal balance. It may help restore ovulatory cycles, reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, preserve the reproductive health.

Many people use the capsules for:
1. Women's health: - To prevent functional disorders of the female reproductive system - To prevent premenstrual syndrome -To strengthen the body and preserve the reproductive function - Women after 45 years take the formula to maintain the hormonal status, improve the quality of life
2. Treatment and rehabilitation period: - Inflammatory processes in the organs of the female reproductive system - Menstrual cycle and the reproductive function - During the use of intrauterine contraceptives - After medical abortion.

Goldenseal Root is well-known for its hemostatic properties. It may stop bleeding in the uterus and gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, the root improves the appetite, promotes the allocation of gastric juice and bile helping digest food. Goldenseal has been used historically to improve blood circulation, treat liver and gall bladder diseases, stimulate the pancreas. Many women take goldenseal to prevent uterine bleeding as a result of menstrual disorders, fibroids and hemorrhagic endometritis, as well as in the gastro-intestinal bleeding. The plant is also used in chronic catarrh of the lungs with thick, viscous secretions, pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, colitis, gastritis, as well as gastric pain, colon inflammation, constipation, dyspepsia, holitsistite, cystitis, gonorrhea, prostatitis, vaginitis.

Blessed Thistle Herb is known for its anthelminthic, antibacterial, antihemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antipyretic, and antineoplastic properties. It is known to stimulate the appetite, cleanse the blood, normalize menstrual cycle, stimulate lactation, increase the liver metabolism. The herb has been used historically to treat amenorrhea, anorexia, arthritis, atonic dyspepsia, bronchitis, dysuria, fever, jaundice, mastitis, migraine, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, pneumonitis, as well as respiratory allergies.

Cayenne Pepper serves as a blood system stimulant. It is thought to be extremely helpful for the digestive system, bronchitis, colds, sore throat, flu, heart failure. Cayenne is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin P and beta-carotene. It has been used historically to increase blood circulation, improve tissues, strengthen the immune system and more.

Cramp Bark has been used historically for the treatment of various disorders, including uterine bleeding in the postpartum period, miscarriage, painful and heavy menstruation. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the bark is also used for hemorrhoids and the gastrointestinal tract diseases.

False Unicorn Root is well-known for its anthelminthic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, emetic (large doses), and estrogenic properties. Many people take the root to stimulate the digestive tract, help balance the female sex hormones and prevent miscarriage, increase the ovarian metabolism, treat infertility, stimulate the uterus. False Unicorn Root has been used historically for missing periods, anorexia, colic, cough, depression, diabetes, dyspepsia, edema, fever, headaches, sexual impotence, intestinal worms, leucorrhoea, mastitis, menopause symptoms, nephritis, night pollution, the pain in the ovary, painful menstruation, metrorrhagia, prolapse of the uterus, miscarriage, nausea, toxicosis during pregnancy, uterine disorders.

Ginger Root has been used historically for the treatment of colds, flu, indigestion, nausea, flatulence, pain in the abdomen. It is known to lower blood cholesterol, strengthen memory, reduce pain in arthritis, improve digestion, remove toxins from the body, stimulate the formation of gastric juice, relieve the symptoms of nausea, relieve spasms in severe and painful menstruation, strengthen the immune system.

Red Raspberry Leaf has been used in folk medicine to treat flu, bronchitis, laryngitis, cough. The plant is known to improve appetite, normalize the gastrointestinal tract, relieve stomach pains, facilitate the consequences of alcohol poisoning, and angina. Raspberries are very useful for anemia and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, and hypertension. The leaves contain substances that stimulate the smooth muscles of the intestine and uterus.

Squawvine Herb is known to improve the body's metabolism and treat gastro-intestinal diseases, functional neuroses, constipation, hemorrhoids, nephritis and urolithiasis, as well as liver diseases. Many people use the herb for anemia and exhaustion of the nervous system, chronic bronchitis, emphysema. Squawvine is also known to improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Uva Ursi Leaf has been used historically for the treatment of pyelitis, cystitis, kidneys inflammation, painful menstruation, neuroses, and edema. It is also known to be very useful for the inflammatory processes in the urinary tract and renal failure, water and mineral metabolism disorders.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Directions: Take 2 capsules three times a day or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For optimum results take 1 hour before or after meals as to not compete with digestion.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2
Servings per container: 50

Amount per Serving: 900 mg
% Daily Value
Proprietary Blend: *
Goldenseal Root, Blessed Thistle Herb, Cayenne Pepper, Cramp Bark, False Unicorn Root, Ginger Root, Red Raspberry Leaf, Squawvine Herb & Uva Ursi Leaf.

* Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Plant-derived capsule.

Warnings: Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing except as directed by your health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children