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GUNA-TGF BETA 1 30 ml by GUNA Biotherapeutics



Inflammation has received a lot of attention as a major underlying cause for numerous conditions that range from debilitating to life-threatening. Although inflammation can be dangerous, it is also a vital part of the healing process. Inflammation itself is not dangerous, but uncontrolled inflammation can be dangerous.

Cytokines are special chemical messengers that are responsible for alerting the immune system to a potential invasion or to damage that has been done to the body. Cytokines are the messengers that trigger the inflammatory response and that reduce the inflammatory response once the threat to the body has been neutralized. To regulate inflammation effectively, you need to ensure that the cytokines responsible for the inflammatory process remain balanced in the body.

The GUNA-TGF BETA 1 Transforming Growth Factor formula by GUNA Biotherapeutics provides low dose cytokine therapy for medical professionals.

Suggested Use:
12 years and older- 20 drops daily with water.

Between 12 and 6 years- 10 drops daily with water.

Under 6 years- 5 drops daily with water.

Transforming Growth Factor beta-1 4C

Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.