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Guna-Spasm 1 fl oz by GUNA Biotherapeutics


Guna-Spasm 1 fl oz

Muscles spasms can be extremely painful and hypertonic muscles that frequently spasm can make life seem unbearable. Muscle spasms can also affect your ability to move properly and it can affect joint function.

The Guna-Spasm formula by GUNA Biotherapeutics offers a combination of homeopathic remedies designed to help offer temporary relief from spasms and the musculoskeletal pain that spasms may cause. The formula contains Agaricus campestris 4X, Cobaltum metallicum 4X, Magnesium metallicum 4X, and Melatonin 4C for their benefits in terms of relieving muscle spasms. It also provides Atropine sulfate 6X, beta-Endorphin 4C, Sympathetic nerve 200X, and Vagal nerve 6X to offer pain relief. The Anti interleukin 1 alpha 4C and Interleukin 10 4C are included for their anti-inflammatory benefits.

Atropinum sulphuricum
Berberis Vulgaris (berb) (homeopathic)
Chelidonium majus (Chel)
Colocynthis (Coloc)
Gelsemium sempervirens (Gels)
Magnesium Metallicum

Ingredients:Alcohol (ethanol)

Delivery Type: Tincture