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Guna-Interleukin 5 30 ml by GUNA Biotherapeutics


Guna-Interleukin 5 30 ml

Your immune system relies on the activities of dozens of different types of immune cells that all essentially function to help keep your body safe from the harm that could be caused by invasion or injury.

Interleukin 5 is a type of cytokine. Cytokines are chemical messengers that are produced by the immune system and that regulate and control healthy immune response. Interleukin 5 is produced by T helper cells and masts cells and IL 5 plays a very important role in stimulating B cell growth and in increasing the secretion of immunoglobulin. IL 5 also regulates eosinophil activation in the body. Eosinophils are white blood cells that help to keep the body safe from certain types of parasites and infections.

The Guna-Interleukin 5 formula by GUNA Biotherapeutics provides low doses of cytokines to support immune function.

Suggested Use:
Adults and children 12+: 20 drops twice a day in a little water. Hold in the mouth
for about 30 seconds then swallow.

Children between 12 years and 6 years of age: 10 drops twice a day in a little water.
Hold in the mouth for about 30 second then swallow.

Children under 6 years: 5 drops twice a day in a glass of water.

Active Ingredient:
Interleukin 5 ... 4C

Inactive Ingredient:
Ethyl alcohol 30%

Store at 20