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Grief Relief Spray 1 oz by Flower Essence Services


Grief Relief Spray 1 oz

Solace and Insight in times of sorrow and searching

Primary Indications:
* To assist in re-building the soul’s foundations due to the death of a beloved one – whether human or animal
* To help in the dissolution of any meaningful relationship, such as divorce or dislocation
* During any natural disaster punctuated by death, destruction and loss, both for relief workers and for victims
* During times of personal loss or set-back when the soul feels empty and is searching for new direction or meaning

Flower essences: Pink Yarrow, Bleeding Heart, Love Lies Bleeding, California Wild Rose, Borage, Forget-Me-Not and Explorer’s Gentian; Essential oils: Melissa, Myrhh

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray four times daily in mouth or around body.

Ingredients: Water, brandy*, infusions of flowers of Myosotis sylvatica*, Borago officinalis*, Gentiana calycosa(w), Amaranthus caudatus*, Dicentra formosa*, Rosa california and Achillea millefolium var. rubra*; essential oils of lemon balm† and myrrh. *Organic and Biodynamic (w) wild-harvested † Organic