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Germ X 4 oz by Physician's Strength


Germ X 4 oz

There are germs, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria all around you. They live on the surfaces, the walls, and they are constantly present in the air we breathe. There are of course places where germ concentrations are higher. Public toilets, hotels, and places where food is stored or sold, tend to be higher in germs than elsewhere.

There are a number of natural ingredients that act as natural germicides. These ingredients can be used to help to reduce or remove certain viruses, bacteria, and pathogens from the environment. These ingredients include carvacrol phenol, Thymol phenol, Cuminaldehyde phenol and various types of wild spices essences, like wild oregano, for example.

The Germ X spray by Physician's Strength offers you a simple convenient spray that you can use to kill off germs in your environment. Spray the room, pets, seats, your car, or any other areas where germs may be present to help reduce the number of pathogens in your environment.

Suggested Usage:
Spray on any contaminated surface. Spray high in the air and
let drift down to cleanse germ and chemcial residues as well as odors. When traveling, spray on seats, headrests, beds, pillows, phones, etc. Also spray in basements to eliminate moldy odors. Use to clean and protect fruits and vegetables. Also safe to spray on skin and pets.

Do not spray directly into eyes.