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Flavo Plex C 60 capsules by Interplexus


Flavo Plex C 60 capsules

Flavoplex C™ is a combination of buffered Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract, Himalayan grown Winter Cherry plus three selected purified single bioflavonoids:
Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone

Vitamin C is essential for the formation of bone and connective tissue.
Vitamin C accumulates in all body tissues, with a very high level in the adrenal glands, from which it will be released with the newly formed steroids in response to stress. Tissue levels are decreased by chronic exposure to all forms of stress.
It helps the body absorb iron.
It helps burns and wounds heal.
People who rely on such foods as dried meat, tea, toast and canned vegetables would have low Vitamin C as a result.
Pregnancy, breastfeeding and surgery can significantly increase the body's requirement for Vitamin C.
Smoking increases the Vitamin C requirement by 30-50%.
A few months without enough Vitamin C can cause irritability, depression, weight loss, fatigue and general weakness. In severe cases gums become swollen, purple and spongy.
Vitamin C, being a highly effective anitoxidant and an enzyme cofactor, protects against oxidative stress and oxidative stress-induced diseases, e.g. hypertention, chronic inflamatory diseases and diabetes.

Suggested Use:
Take 2-3 capsules before a meal with water once a day or as directed.

If pregnant, consult your physician before using this or any other product.

Do not use if seal is broken.

Keep out of reach of children.