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FemCycle 2 fl oz by Dr. Garbers


FemCycle 2 fl oz

For the relief of minor discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle, including PMS, and for common menopausal conditions, including hot flashes.*

This is our formula for balancing the female hormonal cycle. It is indicated for the relief of symptoms of menstrual irregularities and discomfort, PMS, painful ovulation, peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Suggested Use:
Take 1.0 ml (two half droppers) of Dr. Garber' Natural Solutions FemCycle directly by mouth or in a small amount of water twice daily. Because the female hormonal cycle operates on a monthly cycle, even after menopause, it may require a cycle or two before you notice the full effect of this formula. Any of Dr. Garber' formulas may be taken together at the same time. Just mix them together in a glass containing a small amount of water.

Active Ingredients:

Ovary 7C
Glauconite 8X
Common Juniper (young shoots) 1DH
Black Currant (buds) 1DH
Raspberry (young shoots) 1DH

Other ingredients: Glycerin USP, Water USP, Ethanol USP

Consult a healthcare professional before use.