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Female Comfort 2 oz by Kan Herbs Traditionals


Female Comfort 2 oz

Dietary Supplement

Kun Bao Tang


Raw rehmannia root, Ligustrum fruit, Polygonum multiflorum root (soybean), Chinese dodder seed, Sour jujube seed (dry fried), Ophiopogon tuber, Lycium fruit, Asiatic cornelian cherry, White peony root, Mother of pearl shell, Yellow chrysanthemum flower, Anemarrhena rhizome, Chinese red peony root, Eclipta herb, Chinese skullcap, Abalone shell, Black-end swallowwort.

Water 55% to 65% by volume
Alcohol 18% to 22% by volume

To evaporate alcohol, place drops in hot water.

10-20 drops, 2-3 times daily

Shake well before every use.
Use only as directed by your health care professional and seek their advice if pregnant or nursing.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep tightly capped, and out of direct sunlight.
Store at room temperature.

Only the finest hand-selected Chinese herbs are used, with attention to the highest quality at each stage of production.