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E-400 400 IU 100 softgels by Ecological Formulas


E-400 400 IU 100 softgels by Ecological Formulas

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins that play a vital role in supporting health. Vitamin E consists of 4 different compounds that occur naturally in various different fruits and vegetables. Good sources of vitamin E include sunflower seeds, avocado, almonds, spinach, and peanuts. While it is possible to obtain your vitamin E from natural food sources, it is not always possible to obtain sufficient vitamin E.

Vitamin E plays a vital role in protecting the body from free radical damage. Vitamin E also plays a role in supporting cardiovascular health and protecting the heart and cardiovascular system from free radical damage.

The E-400 softgels by Ecological Formulas provide 400 IU of vitamin E for daily supplementation.

D,L-alpha tocopherol acetate 400 IU.

Suggested Use:
1-2 softgels daily, or as directed by physician.