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DHEA 25 mg Micronized 60 tablets by Douglas Laboratories


DHEA 25 mg Micronized 60 tablets

Although testosterone is generally associated with men, testosterone is actually found in both men and women. Testosterone regulates bone mass and women need a certain level of testosterone to help to reduce the risk of bone related disorders like osteoporosis. Testosterone also helps to regulate muscle mass and it regulates the growth of body hair. Similarly, although estrogen is generally associated with female, males need a certain amount of estrogen to support healthy libido levels and to ensure that sperm mature properly. The body needs DHEA to support the production of estrogen and testosterone. The body also uses DHEA to support various other functions and systems including the immune system, the brain, and the skeletal system.

The Micronized DHEA tablets by Douglas Laboratories provide you with 25mg of top quality micronized DHEA designed to supplement natural DHEA levels.

Suggested Use:
Adults take to 1 tablet daily as directed by a healthcare professional only. May be taken by allowing tablet to dissolve in mouth and swallow, or swallowed with water or juice.

Each Bisect, Sublingual Tablet Contains:

DHEA 25 mg

DHEA is micronized to increase absorption. It is made with pure, pharmaceutical grade DHEA.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.

Dietary Specifications: Wheat Free
Dairy/ Milk Free
Gluten Free
Yeast Free
Sugar Free
Starch Free
Preservative Free
Corn Free
Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
Delivery Type: Lozenge(s)