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Depression 2 fl oz by Dr. Garbers


Depression 2 fl oz

For the relief of temporary depression or occasional feelings of sadness and melancholy.*

This is our depression formula. It is indicated for the relief of feelings of sadness, melancholy and hopelessness.

Suggested Use:
Take 1.0 ml (two half droppers) directly by mouth or in a small amount of water twice daily. 1.0 ml (two half droppers) twice daily will usually be sufficient although some will find that more frequent dosing of 4 times or more per day will have a better action. Still others just carry the bottle around with them and take an extra squirt whenever they feel the need to. You can even add several squirts into a small bottle of water and just sip it throughout the day! The amount can be safely increased so take it as often as you need to achieve the desired result. If it applies to your particular situation you may find that taking Dr. Garber' Natural Solutions for Anxiety as well will produce an even better result. Any of Dr. Garber' formulas may be taken together at the same time. Just mix them together in a glass containing a small amount of water.

Active Ingredients:

Cortico-Hypothalamic Axis 7C
Lepidolite 8X
Silver Birch (buds) 1DH
Fig Tree (buds) 1DH
Lime Tree (buds) 1DH

Other ingredients: Glycerin USP, Water USP, Ethanol USP

Consult a healthcare professional before use.