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Colloidal DNA Boost 2 oz by Harmonic Innerprizes


Colloidal DNA Boost 2 oz

Colloidal DNA Boost has been a leader in dietary supplements for cellular health for over fifteen years. Healthy DNA is the foundation for longevity and healthy aging.* Colloidal DNA Boost creates an optimal intracellular environment for the support of healthy DNA.*

Your longevity is directly dependent on the health of your cells. Healthy cells are completely dependent on optimal DNA. All life is dependent on cells replicating themselves, and a daughter cell is only as healthy as a mother cell.

Healthy DNA is essential for a long, full life. Incorporating Colloidal DNA Boost into your daily routine is essential. Whether you're young, middle-aged, or elderly, you would be well-served to use Colloidal DNA Boost annually or semi-annually for a month to support your DNA function and overall health.*

Directions: As a dietary supplement, 1 dropper directly into the mouth before bedtime. Shake well before using. May also be used topically.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Dropper
Servings Per Container: 36

Amount Per Serving %DV
Proprietary Blend:
Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Platinum, Vanadium 3.9 mcg

Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Deionized water, colloidal silica.

Warnings: Caution: Store at room temperatures, away from electromagnetic interference such as televisions, computers, and microwave ovens. Keep out of reach of children.