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Chakra Root Candle 4pack by Harmony Cone

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Chakra Root Candle 4pack

Each Chakra Ear Candle is aromahanced with essential oils for the appropriate chakra and, of course, is handcrafted with food grade wax and/or beeswax and Certified Organic Cotton from Appachi Cotton.

Root Chakra is aromahanced with Cedarwood, Patchouli and Rose. Associated with red, which connects us to the element of earth and is associated with body parts like bones, teeth, and the lower genitalia. The root chakra is how we connect to the physical world. We connect to the Mother Earth through the base chakra and in this connection feel a love for the earth.

The First Chakra (Root) relates to the small intestine and liver and this is the chakra that grounds us, relates us to the earth and the material world. Its inner state is stillness and stability. It helps us let go of and connect with the material we take in.