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Chakra Heart Candle 2pack by Harmony Cone

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Chakra Heart Candle 2pack

Each Chakra Ear Candle is aromahanced with essential oils for the appropriate chakra and, of course, is handcrafted with food grade wax and/or beeswax and Certified Organic Cotton from Appachi Cotton.

Heart Chakra is aromahanced with Cypress, Chamomile and Lemon. Associated with the color green to pink and gold it connects us to the element of air and sense of touch and is also associated with the circulatory system, pulmonary system and immune system. It is the center chakra and connects the top 3 with the bottom 3 chakras and how we manifest here in the material world.

The Fourth Chakra (Heart) relates to Heart and is located in the center of the chest. Its function is love. Its inner state is compassion and love. It helps with our ability to love.