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Boldo Liquid Extract 1 oz by Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories


Boldo Liquid Extract 1 oz

Boldo is a famed herb in the Andes mountains of Chile and Peru. It is considered a strong bitter tonic and has become known as a digestive tonic for "gastro intestinal disorders" a hepatoprotective herbs adapted itself to many cleansing tonics digestive and "liver" formulas. Frequently used as a tea, we have adapted the full spectrum extractives of boldo to mimic the liquid extracts used in various studies.

Boldine- the main alkaloid of P. boldus-appears to be implicated in this hepatoprotective activity" (see studies). The recent demonstration that boldine is an effective antioxidant in both biological and non-biological systems has opened up the perspective of a broad range of uses in medicine and industry.

An attractive, drought-resistant shrub form the coastal Andes of Chile and Peru. The round leaves are very fragrant and have a long history for use as a natural botanical. Boldo is related to cinnamon and Bay trees, but employed for its principle bitter oils and alkaloids. Boldine has antioxidants which are captured by our full spectrum extraction process.

Directions: Use 5 drops mixed with water two to three times daily, or more if recommended by a practitioner. Due to the strong bitters and pronounced effects we offer a 1:10 tincture in order to more easily regulate the dosages which could be as low as five drops in some sensitive individuals.

INGREDIENTS: Boldo extractives in distilled water and 40% organic grain alcohol.

Warnings: Should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers. Boldo has demonstrated abortive properties and fetal birth defects in animal studies. Chemicals in boldo may thin the blood. Anyone with disorder of the blood or on blood-thinning medications to correct thrombocytopenia or hemophilia should not use boldo extract without supervision of a medical practitioner.

Possibility of abortive and blood-thinning effects. Don't use while pregnant. Don't exceed recommended dosages unless under supervision from a medical professional.