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Biomax C 100 Vegetarian tablets by Anabolic Laboratories


Biomax C 100 Vegetarian tablets

1,000 mg prolonged release vitamin C formula combined with 400 mg of hesperidin, rutin and lemon bioflavonoids. The prolonged release tablet delivers a large dose of vitamin C (1667% RDI) throughout the day, allowing for fewer tablets to maintain higher doses of vitamin C. Dissolution tested.

Common treatment to relieve seasonal symptoms is the use of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, ascorbate). It is required by humans and has several decades of history showing this nutrient effective at reducing symptoms while even helping prevent recurrent infections.

Suggested Use:
Normally one to two tablets daily with or without food and at the very first signs Take one tablet every four to six hours thereafter until symptoms subside.

Each tablet contains vitamin C, 1000 mg along with 400 mg of lemon hesperidin, rutin and bioflavonoids. The active ingredients are bound in a manner allowing prolonged release; this provides antioxidant power to inflamed tissues via the digestive tract over several hours. Additional ingredients: cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable), silica,calcium stearate (vegetable), food glaze and rose hips.

Tablets may be halved for small children but not crushed.

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