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Arcadia Pine Premium Organic Honey 325g by Apiceuticals


ARCADIA PINE || Premium Organic Honey

The most “Honeydew Honey” of all, ARCADIA PINE Premium Organic Honey is sweet and spicy, purely unique in taste. It has an excellent nutritional profile that promotes overall body and mind health. Arcadia Pine honeydew honey has an impressive pearl-amber color with characteristic metallic highlights. Its extremely thick texture makes it special and much healthier than other flower honey varieties. It contains a high concentration of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants), which are unique - they do not exist anywhere in the world.


TASTE: Hints of woodsy forest, with an underlying resinous taste that finishes warm and spicy. A pleasantly mild, floral sweetness with a lingering hint of sour aftertaste.

AROMA: Pleasantly mild and delicate fresh woodsy scent.


HARVEST LOCATION: Lower plateau of Mount Mainalon, Arcadia, Greece 

The Honeydew Honey

Unique in its own right

ARCADIA PINE Premium Organic Honey is unusual honey because it is not produced entirely by honey bees. It is produced by bees that collect honeydew from insect species that live on native Arcadian Pines. Honeydew is the sugar-like substance on these trees, which sparkles in the sunlight, hence the name "honeydew"! Bees love honeydew. They transform it into a worldwide unique and delicious honey that is naturally low in glucose and fructose. This makes the honey resistant to crystallization (versus flower blossom honeys)--while giving it an unparalleled earthy flavor!


From native Greek Pine trees 

At the lowest plateau of Mainalon Forest, in Arcadia, Greece

Our Premium Organic Honey from Arcadian Pines (Pinus Pinea) is harvested by our bees at the lowest plateau of Mount Mainalon in Arcadia prefecture, in Greece, at an altitude <1000m. Pinus Pinea is native to mount Mainalon which makes the species unique worldwide. This area is strictly demarcated and far away from any human-cultivated land. It is one of the most unspoiled lands in Greece and worldwide. This is where our bees fly free, collecting honeydew from Arcadian Pines.

Full-bodied and silky smooth

Naturally low in Glucose and Fructose

A full-bodied and silky smooth honeydew honey, with a rich, thick texture, this honey has an incredibly distinct and intense aroma of pine forest. It has a characteristic malty and earthy flavor with tangy notes. Arcadia Pine Honey is naturally low in Glucose and Fructose, as it is honeydew honey. It pairs perfectly with cheeses, and is an ideal drizzle for salads, desserts, and Greek yogurts.  

Pure Antioxidants

The honeydew healing agent

  • High in phenolic compounds and disease-fighting antioxidant capacities, which act against free radicals (responsible for oxidation and therefore cell-aging)
  • High antibacterial and antiviral activity compared to the other kinds of honey
  • Great for sore throat and respiratory infections. Its density helps it stick to the lining of the throat, allowing it to calm and heal inflammation, irritation, and cough
  • High in dietary mineral concentration: with potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc
  • Low in natural sugars versus other flower blossom honeys--therefore it is recommended for a balanced, low-calorie diet.

Recommended uses:

  • Ideal for sore throat 
  • Ideal for winter tea and year-round breakfast
  • Ideal for pairing with cheese as digestive-assisting desert
  • Ideal for pepping up fruity dessert dishes--or nearly any dish!


We, at Apiceuticals, prepare each bee product by hand in small batches on our farm in Arcadia, Greece, ensuring the highest quality therapeutic health enhancements for your body, mind, and skin. To safeguard our bees, we only harvest up to 60% of our beehives’ production, leaving at least 40% of their honey on the honeycombs, while implementing a course of well-balanced methods to ensure sustainability for our Earth, our pollinators, ourselves, and the many generations to come.

This precious honey has been sustainably extracted by using the centrifugal force method and with absolutely zero heat. That's why it sustains all its BENEFICIAL NUTRIENT ELEMENTS, its unparalleled flavor, and its unique taste.