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Abdominal Lean 60 capsules by Ecological Formulas


Abdominal Lean 60 capsules by Ecological Formulas

Maintaining a healthy body weight and ensuring the correct proportion of lean muscle tissue to body weight ratio can be complicated and requires that you support various aspects of metabolism. You need to make sure the body has the tools to digest and use the healthy fats in your diet to promote medium energy production from these fats, and to ensure optimal fat storage as healthy fat to support the metabolism. This requires sufficient amounts of enzymes like lipase, which facilitate the breaking down of fats. You also need to ensure that healthy glucose metabolism is supported with nutrients like chromium. Herbal extracts like Garcinia Cambogia and Gymnema Sylvestre can be extremely beneficial for supporting healthy glucose metabolism.

The Abdominal Lean capsules by Ecological Formulas provide a top quality combination of herbal extracts and nutrients designed to support healthy abdominal lean muscle mass to support health.

Amount per serving:Chromium 200 mcg, Chitosan 500 mg, Garcinia Gabogia Extract 500 mg, L-Carnitine 200 mg, Gymnema Sylvestre 100 mg, Lipase 5 mg, Vanadium 200 mcg

Does Not Contain:corn, soy, yeast, wheat, sugar, starch, coloring agents, artificial flavors.

Dietary Specifications: Wheat Free
Soy Free
Yeast Free
Sugar Free
Starch Free
Corn Free
Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
Delivery Type: Capsules - Non-vegetarian