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70% Liquid with Aloe Vera 4 oz by DMSO


70% Liquid with Aloe Vera 4oz

DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is a simple small molecule with amazing chemical, biological and physical characteristics which has not received the coverage it is due. DMSO is the resulting by-product from the manufacturing of pulp and paper. It resembles mineral oil, but with a odor somewhat like garlic. It has been used for over forty years. DMSO is a rapidly absorbed skin penetrant, with the ability to carry other substances through membranes it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. DMSO is a cryoprotective agent, protecting frozen tissue. DMSO is a potent anti-oxidant, scavenging the highly reactive molecules that contribute to disease and aging, known as free radicals. This product is intended for use as a solvent only. The choice of the process used in the various applications is the sole responsibility of the user.

Ingredients: 70% Dmso(99.9% Pure DMSO) / 30% Aloe Vera