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Numi's Collection Assorted Melange Teas & Teasans 18 Bags by Numi Teas


Numi's Collection Assorted Melange Teas & Teasans 18 Bags

From smooth earthy tones to light floral scents and refreshing sweet and sour notes, we proudly bring you our palette of teas and herbal teasans. These gifts of nature have soothed, roused, healed and been shared for centuries.

Green Tea: Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, Toasted Rice, Mate Lemon, Decaf Simply Green
Black Tea: Aged Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Decaf Earl Grey, Golden Chai
Pu-Erh Tea: Chocolate Pu-erh, Emperor's Pu-erh, Cardamom Pu-erh
White Tea: White Rose
Herbal Teasan: Chamomile Lemon, Rooibos, Moroccan Mint, Rooibos Chai, Honeybush

We are artists, alchemists, world travelers, tea lovers and above all, a brother and sister. Our dedicated tea'm shares our mission of bringing you the best-tasting organic tea that is sourced directly from fair trade gardens which guarantee livable wages and better opportunities for farmers and their families.

Founders, Ahmed & Reem Rahim
A journey of imagination begins with a cup of tea and a quiet moment...

Through thoughtful choices, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet.

Organic tea cultivation protects the health of farmers, the planet and you
Natural biodegradable filter-paper tea bags; not GMO corn or plastic see-through bags
Recyclable boxes made of 85% post-consumer waste, printed with soy-based inks and without unneeded shrink-wrap
Programs that lower and offset our carbon emissions including a solar-powered production facility

Most elements of this package can be recycled or composted!

Directions: N/A

Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified organic teas (green, black, decaf green, decaf black, white), organic black pu-erh, organic sencha green tea, organic spices, organic rooibos, organic honeybush, Fair Trade Certified organic mint, Fair Trade Certified organic chamomile, organic lemon myrtle, organic yerba mate, organic toasted rice, organic cocoa powder, organic rose, organic bergamot oil

Tea is naturally gluten-free.

Warnings: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.