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Libido Support

Libido Support

We do not often consider libido as an indication of general health and we do not often consider libido as vital to optimal life quality, and yet libido can be an indication of both overall health and well-being and libido can in fact affect your quality of life. Libido is essentially an indication of our sex drive. Our libido, or sex drive, is determined by physiological, biological, and social factors.

Libido is often determined by blood flow and as such, a low libido could also be an indication of insufficient circulation which could in turn be an indication of possible heart complications or other circulatory disorders, especially in men.

Libido is also affected by our innate energy levels. If we have low energy levels, we also generally have lower libido. Whilst it may not be a problem for some, a low libido could therefore be an indication of problems with the body's ability to create or maintain energy.

On a social level, healthy libido levels often help to create strong long term relationships and a sudden decrease in sexual drive or interest often affects our relationships with our sexual partner.

If the sudden lack of interest is as a result of physiological or biological factors like a decrease in energy due to a lack of iron or a decrease in circulation, then a good libido support supplement will help you maintain sexual desire and function. High quality libido supplements can help to improve energy levels, hormone balance, circulation, and improve nerve function.