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Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil 3-.5 oz by Hobe Labs


Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil 3/.5 oz

Deep conditions dry scalp, damaged hair and split ends! Strengthen, moisturizes, revitalizes. Contains 3 reclosable tubes. Jojoba Oil has been used for centuries as a deep moisturizer for hair and scalp. Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment opens up the hair cuticle to lightly coat each imbrications on the hair shaft and penetrates the sebum build-up on the scalp to moisturize the follicle openings in the dermal layer. Rosemary extract provides a volatile oil stimulant that draws blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, thus strengthening and revitalizing the hair. Vitamins A and E nourish each strand of fine, dry, brittle or over-processed hair with antioxidant protection. U.S.D.A. Research indicates that Jojoba Oil, when used in sufficient quantities, promotes a luxurious growth of healthy hair.

Directions: Place Jojoba Oil tube under hot running tap water or in a cup of hot water. Dampen hair. Apply hot oil to hair and scalp. Leave in for 60-90 seconds. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Dry and style as usual. For short/medium hair, use 1/2 tube and reseal. For long hair, use entire tube. No conditioner required. Use weekly.

Ingredients: Pure Jojoba Oil...100%, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin E

Does Not Contain: Artificial Colors, Inexpensive Oil Fillers, Tested On Animals.