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Sea Minerals with Iodine Formula 14 90 Capsules by Ness Enzymes


Sea Minerals with Iodine Formula 14 90 Capsules

NESS™ Sea Minerals with Iodine (formula 14 and Hormone Balance (formula 501)) taken together provide a blend of enzymes and minerals to augment endocrine and musculoskeletal function. Sea Minerals with Iodine (formula 14) contains:

Irish moss_has anti-inflammatory properties and may help to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Kelp_contains iodine, iron and potassium to help support endocrine function

Mineral deficiency, edema, congestion, impaired endocrine function.

Suggested Use:
Two capsules between meals for two weeks. More may be taken according to need. Take with adequate liquid.

Serving Size Two Capsules

Amount per two capsules:% Daily Value
Iodine (as Potassium Iodide)483 mg 322%
Proprietary Herbal/Plant Blend300 mg *
(Kelp extract, 200 mg; Irish Moss, 100 mg)
Proprietary Vegetarian Enzyme Blend135 mg *
(Protease, 50,000 HUT; Amylase, 3,000 DU; Lipase, 48 LU; Cellulase, 400 CU)
*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: plant fiber, gelatin, water.

Consult your health care

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