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Curapro 750 mg 120 Softgels by EuroMedica


Curapro 750 mg 120 Softgels by EuroMedica

CuraPro 750MG gel caps use BCM-95 curcumin, a clinically studied ingredient and a powerful source of antioxidants, to provide high-quality health benefits. Just one gel cap of CuraPro 750MG has all the health benefits of ten servings of standard curcumin capsules.

Developed by EuroMedica, a nutritional supplement company dedicated to producing natural remedies from the purest ingredients, CuraPro 750MG gel capsules help support brain, liver, heart, and immune system health.

Superior BCM-95 Curcumin

Standard curcumin, best known as being derived from turmeric, has been used for its health benefits for years. EuroMedica's team of health experts have chosen to use BCM-95 curcumin over standard curcumin because of its superior absorption by the body, resulting in high efficacy.

BCM-95 curcumin, as it's found in CuraPro 120 count caps, is a unique compound of curcumin, desmethoxy curcumin, bis desmethoxy curcumin, and essential oils found in turmeric rhizome. This special blend of ingredients that makes up BCM-95 curcumin is absorbed up to 10 times better by the body, providing a retention time of 8 to 12 hours.

As a result, BCM-95 curcumin is the superior choice for effectively delivering all of the health benefits of curcumin to the body. Other EuroMedica products use this helpful form of curcumin in the form of Curaphen vegan caps, a natural pain relief formula, and treatment for inflammation.

The Benefits of Taking Antioxidants

Antioxidants are responsible for cleaning up free radicals in the bloodstream. These free radicals can cause numerous health problems as the body ages. At a young age, the body has the ability to defend against these harmful free radicals, but over time the body becomes less adept at fighting these harmful effects.

Supplementing with an antioxidant like CuraPro 750MG caps can help with everything from reducing wrinkles to aiding in the body's fight against serious health concerns. Antioxidants help the body fight against cognitive impairment, cataracts, Alzheimer's, macular degeneration, and much more.

Antioxidants are found naturally in food such as vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains. However, getting enough antioxidants in a normal diet can be difficult, and supplementing with a product like EuroMedica's CuraPro 750MG caps is a great way to regularly ensure you're getting the right antioxidants.

EuroMedica's Dedication to Quality

EuroMedica has produced over 400 natural remedies, all of them adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines stipulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. BCM-95 curcumin, as it's found in CuraPro caps, is sourced from areas that EuroMedica ensures are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 softgel

Servings Per Container: 120

Recommendations: 1-2 soft gels daily, or as directed by your health care professional. This proprietary complex provides enhanced bioavailability and sustained retention time in the body.

If pregnant or nursing, consult a health care professional be