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Arcadia Fir Tree Premium Organic Honey 325g by Apiceuticals


FIR TREE || Premium Organic Honey

FIR TREE Premium Organic Honey is collected by our bees on Mount Mainalon, which is full of Greek Fir trees, at a height of >1000m, in Arcadia, Greece. It has truly unique characteristic metallic highlights across its dark red color. That’s right - this honey is so rich that it’s dark red. Its richness is also textural: it is extremely thick. Naturally low in sugars, it has been sustainably extracted by centrifugal force method, and with zero heating process - which is how it sustains all its beneficial nutritional elements.


 TASTE: Gently sweet due to its low Glycemic Index, with a distinctive malty flavor and a lingering full-body aftertaste.

 AROMA: Peaceful top-notes of wood forest with an underlying sweet calming aroma.


 HARVEST LOCATION: Mount Mainalon, Arcadia, Greece

From Mount Mainalon, in Arcadia, Greece at a height of  ~1,000m

Premium Organic Honey from the Greek Fir Trees (Abies Cephalonica) is harvested by our bees at an altitude of <1000m on Mount Mainalon in Arcadia prefecture, Greece. Abies Cephalonica is native to Mount Mainalon, which makes the species and its growth unique in Greece - and worldwide - due to low temperatures throughout the year. This honey is produced by bees that collect honeydew from insect species that live on native Greek Fir trees. This makes the honey unique in comparison to other flower blossom honeys, in that it is resistant to crystallization - while its climatic origins also give it its unparalleled malty flavor!

A pleasure for the mouth

Distinctive toffee taste

Premium Organic FIR TREE Honey is slightly malty and has a distinctive toffee-like taste, while its aromatic flavors evoke the various flowers and fir trees it comes from. This is an extraordinary feast of tastes and colors! It has a natural propensity against crystallization, while its thick, full-bodied texture perfectly complements its delicious flavor. Straight out of the jar, it has a thick and viscous gel-like consistency, ready to satisfy the most demanding of consumers.

Ideal for a well-balanced diet

Naturally low in sugars

  • Because this is a honeydew honey, it is rich in trace elements and mineral composition (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron) compared to other types of honey. This is very beneficial to support the body against the effects of stress. 
  • Due to its soft yet rich texture and nutrients, it is healing and protective for the stomach and is recommended for soothing stomach aches and pains. 
  • It has antiseptic action at the level of the respiratory system, while also acting against bad breath.
  • Due to its naturally low sugars, it is recommended for a balanced low-calorie diet and can be used by diabetics in small doses.
  • It helps with weight loss and a balanced approach to reducing obesity, as it speeds up metabolism and satisfies your sweet tooth.

Recommended uses:

  • Those who need to lower their calorie intake (and appropriate for diabetics in small doses) 
  • People with mild sweet preferences or those with a sweet tooth who need to lower their sugar intake, kids included!
  • Those who need soothing for stomach ulcers or other gastrointestinal stressors. 
  • Stir this honey into coffee or tea, drizzle it on toast or pancakes, or spread it raw on whole-grain toast.
  • We highly recommend it as a superfood add-in to your yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.


We, at Apiceuticals, prepare each bee product by hand in small batches on our farm in Arcadia, Greece, ensuring the highest quality therapeutic health enhancements for your body, mind, and skin. To safeguard our bees, we only harvest up to 60% of our beehives’ production, leaving at least 40% of their honey on the honeycombs, while implementing a course of well-balanced methods to ensure sustainability for our Earth, our pollinators, ourselves, and the many generations to come.

This precious honey has been sustainably extracted by using the centrifugal force method and with absolutely zero heat. That's why it sustains all its BENEFICIAL NUTRIENT ELEMENTS, its unparalleled flavor, and its unique taste.