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Arcadia Botanica Premium Organic Honey 325g by Apiceuticals


ARCADIA BOTANICA || Premium Organic Honey

Farm to table, directly from the beehive to the jar, ARCADIA BOTANICA Premium Organic Honey is a stunning full-bodied flower blossom honey, harvested in the rich Botanical Greek land of Arcadia. Collected by our bees, who fly free from acacia to fir trees to heather, along with a vast variety of therapeutic Greek herbs. This honey is sustainably extracted by centrifugal force method and with absolutely zero heating process - which is why it sustains all its beneficial nutritional elements.

TASTE: Full-bodied fresh floral flavor with a robust, gratifying botanical aftertaste

AROMA: Pleasantly memorable scent, with fragrant floral top notes and a light-fresh botanical aroma


HARVEST LOCATION: Ancient Mantinea, Arcadia, Greece


From the rich euphoric Arcadian fields, in Greece

Abundant in therapeutic herbs

In the paradisal land of the God Pan, within the purest harmony found in nature—from the beginning of the spring season bees turn to the first flowers in bloom, collecting nectar from various flowers and herbs. Arcadia is revered as the most unspoiled land in Greece—and worldwide—with wide open fields of native therapeutic herbs. Its fields are surrounded by tall mountains, making  access (thankfully) quite difficult.  Therefore this land remains untarnished by humans. In Ancient Greece, Arcadia was known as the only land in the whole Universe where people could find peace. No wonder why: taste why in this honey.

With Fresh floral flavor and distinctive botanical top notes

Imagine: the abundance of the Greek Arcadian nature in a spoon of full-bodied, delicious, fresh-flavored honey, with a robust, gratifying botanical aftertaste. One of the lightest and clearest kinds of honey of our collection (both in color and taste), with medium notes of wild floral sweetness, as well as distinctive botanical top notes. This makes the ideal breakfast table honey: kick off the day in the most energetic way!

Highly Nutritional Value: Pure energy and vitamin intake

    • A botanical wildflower blossom honey, packing a multitude of bioactive plant compounds, which carry an abundance of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and many other micro-nutrients and antioxidants 
    • It infuses you with energy and endurance, due to its superfood-level nutritional value
    • It is adaptogenic: it facilitates the body's rebalancing and immune responsiveness
    • It is an easily absorbed energy supply, making it perfect for a breakfast supplement, or as a pre/post-exercise muscle- and energy-recovery source.

Recommended uses:

    • A family favorite: the most preferred table honey, and kids' most favorite honey
    • Ideal for milk and tea due to its most pleasingly fresh, floral aroma
    • Perfect for breakfast!
    • Stir this honey in your coffee or tea, drizzle it on top of toast or pancakes, spread it raw on whole-grain toast, or pour it into yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal 
    • Use it to sweeten your dressings or marinades


We, at Apiceuticals, prepare each bee product by hand in small batches on our farm in Arcadia, Greece, ensuring the highest quality therapeutic health enhancements for your body, mind, and skin. To safeguard our bees, we only harvest up to 60% of our beehives’ production, leaving at least 40% of their honey on the honeycombs, while implementing a course of well-balanced methods to ensure sustainability for our Earth, our pollinators, ourselves, and the many generations to come.

This precious honey has been sustainably extracted by using the centrifugal force method and with absolutely zero heat. That's why it sustains all its BENEFICIAL NUTRIENT ELEMENTS, its unparalleled flavor, and its unique taste.