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Allergy Research Group

About Allergy Research Group

Physicians and patients around the world rely on Allergy Research Group brand products when it comes to hypoallergenic, high quality nutritional supplements that meet the most cutting-edge medical standards.

Founded in 1979, Allergy Research Group has remained dedicated to developing technologies to maximize the absorbency, effectiveness, and delivery of all of their products. Led by a skilled Research and Development team, they have consistently innovated and pioneered breakthroughs in the field of nutritional supplements.

They continue to innovate and participate in the field of nutritional supplementation, regularly publishing the Allergy Research Group Focus newsletter, which provides detailed analysis of original nutritional ideas and detailed analysis of research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Allergy Research Group is a renowned brand among medical industry professionals. Offering nutritional support for patients with a variety of supplements to promote health and wellness, they are most known for their hypoallergenic supplements. Check out CAMFormula’s lineup of our favorite Allergy Research Group products.

Who is Allergy Research Group?

Allergy Research Group offers nutritional support for individuals. They were the first to introduce truly hypoallergenic homeopathic remedies to the market. With over 40 years of experience, they use only the purest materials available and have a strict quality control procedure for every production stage.

Are all supplements hypoallergenic?

Not all supplements are hypoallergenic. However, Allergy Research Group ensures that all of its supplements are hypoallergenic by testing the final product. They believe that the source of a supplement is not a reliable indicator of whether it will be hypoallergenic when it reaches shelves. With an advanced synthesizing and purification process, allergens are left behind from the plant.

Allergy Research Group also has a strict quality control process that eliminates cross-contamination. In addition, even if their final testing does not show any allergens present, they may not label the supplement as hypoallergenic because the FDA requires the identification of the presence of eight food allergens on all labels. When an ingredient is derived from such an allergen, they must list it on the label as the source of the ingredient even if the final product doesn’t contain any allergens. Allergy Research Group complies with all FDA standards and regulations to ensure that their hypoallergenic products are truly hypoallergenic.

Are Allergy Research Group supplements good quality?

Allergy Research Group supplements are manufactured under strict FDA regulations and comply with cGMP standards. All of their certified manufacturers meet or exceed these regulations. They also use a number of advanced analysis methods and have an in-house quality control department while using certified third-party labs to test raw materials and finished products.

Which Allergy Research Group supplements does CAMFormulas offer?

CAMFormulas offers a wide variety of supplement brands, including Apiceuticals, True Botanica, and of course, Allergy Research Group. Make sure to add these products to your supplement subscription to have them delivered to your door every month. These are just of the few supplements we sell:

  • Buffered Vitamin C Powder may improve immune system function
  • Ox Bile supplements the liver’s production of bile
  • Biotin, a supplement that may improve the body’s utilization of glucose for energy