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PRO Eye Floaters 1 fl oz by Newton Homeopathics


PRO Eye Floaters 1 fl oz

Formulated for associated symptoms such as dark or grey specks and strings or cobwebs of material floating within the field of vision.

Suggested Use:
Ages 12 and up, take 6 drops orally one to four times daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Active Ingredients: Aloe socotrina 15x, Carbo vegetabilis 15x, Causticum 15x, Chelidonium majus 15x, Cholesterinum 15x, Cinchona officinalis 15x, Colchicum autumnale 15x, Cyclamen europaeum 15x, Gelsemium sempervirens 15x, Kali carbonicum 15x, Mercurius vivus 15x, Phosphorus 15x, Physostigma venenosum 15x, Prunus spinosa 15x, Senega officinalis 15x, Sepia 15x, Sulphur 15x, Tabacum 15x, Euphrasia officinalis 3x.

Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane dispensing alcohol 20%.

If an increase in floaters is accompanied by flashes of light or loss of peripheral vision, see an eye specialist immediately.