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Ecological Formulas: Offering Safer Supplements

Ecological Formulas: Offering Safer Supplements

When we consume dietary supplements – herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and tissue extracts – we're taking decisive action to improve our health. We trust that these nutraceuticals will repair damaged cells, ward off diseases like cancer and conditions like atherosclerosis, and lessen bothersome and sometimes debilitating symptoms like migraines and muscle pain. But what if the pills, powders, and liquids we take to make us well actually made us sick? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. A disturbingly high proportion of low quality supplements on the market are tainted with heavy metals, bacteria, toxic materials from plants, or even pharmaceuticals. Consuming these contaminated vitamins and herbs accounts for an estimated 50,000 adverse events per year. One supplement manufacturer is taking a stand against this dangerous situation: Ecological Formulas. This subsidiary of Cardiovascular Research out of Concord, California, was founded in 1992 to provide high-quality, 100% safe supplements to its consumers.

Limited Oversight Spells Concern for Consumers

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 put the onus of responsibility on the vitamin company itself for making sure the supplement is safe before it is marketed. After marketing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration tracks the (voluntary) reporting of adverse events. The bottom line for consumers: they need to find a supplement company they can trust. It's now unwise to pick out a nutraceutical based on the price, the claims on the packaging, or the colors of the label. The only way to know that the vitamin or mineral you've chosen is free of potentially harmful ingredients is to choose a manufacturer that verifies safety through independent testing and the exclusive use of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities (or to find a supplements retailer that only carries high quality, clinically researched products). Luckily, Ecological Formulas is that brand. With every supplement it puts to market, Ecological Formulas follows a strict safety and quality assurance regimen. All of its products are made in a GMP facility where they are tested for purity; the vast majority of them are also independently lab tested.

Ecological Formulas Safely Battles a Range of Maladies

Ecological Formulas manufactures a diverse set of nutraceuticals to meet the needs of consumers worldwide. With their help, patients are staving off viral infections with monolaurin 600 mg, combating the deleterious effects of free radicals with reduced glutathione powder, instilling calmness and relaxation with magnesium taurate, and taking sphingolin to support medical treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and Lou Gherig's Disease (ALS). With Ecological Formulas, people can be assured their health is being protected in more ways than one. While they fight illness and pain with the company's products, they can also rest easy knowing the very supplements they've chosen won't turn out to be wool in sheep's clothing.
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